Noli Indian High School

Collaborations with Noli Indian High School and Elder Kim Marcus, Noli Head Counselor, began in 2014.  Kim Marcus has served as an advising board member of Pitzer’s Native Youth to College Program (NY2C) and has provided cultural sensitivity training for NY2C college mentors and Noli students have been program NY2C participants.  The CUC student led Indige-Nation program provides college application tutoring to Noli students.  In addition to these programs, Mr. Marcus has opened many events at the Colleges with Cahuilla Bird singers and currently serves on the Scripps College Clark Museum board. For the past two years Noli students have collaborated with students in Pitzer’s Media Arts for Social Justice course to produce short documentaries and poetry videos.

For more information about Noli Indian High School:    Noli Indian High School website

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